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Chan Luu Turquoise Labradorite Necklace
Chan Luu Pyrite Sunstone Necklace
Chan Luu Labradorite Drop Earrings
Chan Luu Turquoise Drop Earrings
Tibetan Labradorite Ring
Double Turquoise Stone Ring
Lapis Tibetan Hamsa Pendant
Tibetan Multi Color Hamsa Pendant
Chan Luu + J. Landa Exclusive Charm Earrings
J. Landa Jewelry + Chan Luu Exclusive Charm Bracelet
Chan Luu + J. Landa Exclusive Charm Necklace
Multicolored African Vinyl bracelet with Evil Eye Charm
Chan Luu Hook Wrap Black
Chan Luu Hook Wrap Purple
Chan Luu | Natural Bone Necklace
Chan Luu Black Horn Necklace
Chan Luu Turquoise Leather Cuff
Chan Luu Gold Skull Turquoise Bracelet
Chan Luu Silver Skull Turquoise Bracelet
Chan Luu Black Leather Earrings with Turquoise
Chan Luu | Labradorite Choker on Dark Brown Leather
Chan Luu | Three Tier Brown Leather Bracelet
Chan Luu for J. Landa Exclusive Stretchy Bracelet
Chan Luu | Diamond and Pearl Choker on Black Leather
Chan Luu | Moonstone Choker with Brown Leather
Chan Luu | Diamond and Pearl Choker on Dark Brown Leather
Chan Luu | Crystal Speckled Choker Necklace
Chan Luu | White Pearl Choker on Light Brown Leather

Boho Jewelry

Layered necklaces, wrap bracelets, fringe and tassel - we love a chic boho look! Shop our curated collection; including your favorite boho brand Chan Luu. It’s all about creating a look that’s feminine and whimsical.

Layering necklaces is a big part of the J. Landa brand! Jay Landa’s Murphy Chain is where it all began. Named after Jay's beloved dog Murphy Brown, the Murphy Chain is a classic staple of the J. Landa lifestyle – strands of long semi-precious stones that add color and texture to any outfit. We suggest starting with a metallic or pyrite necklace and adding color as you see fit. A favorite is the rainbow tourmaline Murphy Chain – you’d be surprised how wearable the shades of pink and green are! The Murphy Chain collection changes seasonally.

Jay Landa and Chan Luu are longtime friends, and Jay has carried her Los Angeles-based brand for quite some time. She’s known for her bohemian wrap bracelets with semi-precious stones and metals, but there’s so much more! Here you’ll find a sample of what we carry in our Houston store, which includes earrings, chokers, exclusive stretchy bracelets, leather bracelets and single strand stackable bracelets. Chan Luu has great, affordable pearl earrings, like her classic pull-through pearl hoops. We love a hoop earring!

We love a choker as part of your bohemian look, and we have a great selection featuring lace, leather and pearls. It’s a must-have accessory for festival season!

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