Aspire Accessories Trunk Show

At J. Landa we love making new friends while discovering fabulous boho chic handmade accessories that we Luv, Luv, Luv!!!

Throwing open our doors and partnering with local businesses for great causes is what we love to do at J. Landa and Thursday, May 12th we did just that with our new talented friends from Aspire Accessories and Social Motion Skills. Aspire Accessories, a program of Social Motion, Inc. is a non-profit group, spearheaded by Denise Hazen (we think she's pretty fab too!), designed to help young adults with autism and similar special needs acquire business skills through designing and manufacturing their own line of handmade accessories.

Talking shop and meeting the Aspire designers was inspiring in it's own right. Each individual has a part in the design process and listening to them explain how the colorful chic silk panchos were stitched or the true Texas key chains were constructed makes us realize, it is better to be chic and handmade. 

Grecian evil eyed leather sandals, cute boho, bright-striped straw bags, leather wrap bracelets and lariats had us feeling summer is already here and can we have one of each color?? Think great graduation gifts and end of the year teacher gifts. 

These designers made us realize the importance of what they get out of the program and we get to shop and wear their amazing creations. We consider this a win-win. We can't wait to bring them back in the fall for more divine back-to-school finds. 

A BIG J. Landa thank you to Denise Hazen and her amazing group!!

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