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Negotiating pashmina colors... Nothing like going to the source. What color would you like??

At a bazaar, near the Golden Temple...full of colorful bangles, gold jewelry...and amazing fabrics.

Going thru the markets and bazaar on bike taxi! Amazing.

Couldn't dismiss Narayan..the beautiful colors, and the importance of this Hindu God.

Chan and I in Dehli about to start the Holi celebrations.

Chan Luu's design assistant, Victoria!  Love her style, and especially the feather earrings...  Clearly, we see the Boho chic well-represented.

Victoria, Chan Luu, and Tessa...all in there Indian dress, in preparation for the Holi celebration. Clearly, all of Chan Luu's influence is well-represented.

Tradition there full Indian dance, one of which is a guy!

Meeting Chan's staff, @ her Indian factory!

Visiting Chan Luu's factory in Delhi, and observing the skilled artisans making the details on every piece. It allowed me to alos understand the capacity and work it involves to make her collection.

Going thru Chan's "ready-to-wear" collection 2012.

Watching the stringing of the very popular seed-bead necklace. What a process!!

Local vendor selling the colorful paint for the Festival of Color, celebrating Holi. En route to Madawa...via private transport and great guides explaining the myths of Hindus.

Scary to get to Madawa...roads were horrible...camels, and cows in the way! Quite the adventure... However, once here, it was great to see the "haveli" and the architecture!

In Jaipur, learning about polishing and cutting stones. We learn to do it the old-fashion way first...then go thru the most innovated methods to cut the stones to make your own style! favorite Hindu God. The protector of obstacles. This Ganesha, in particular, was beautifully adorned with turquoise~Most homes we visited has Ganesha at the entrance of there homes. Which is exactly where this beautiful God will go in my home.

The Amber Palace, in Jaipur. Beautifully architectured place with its mirrored glass walls, and ceilings! Mixed gold and silver ornaments, reflecting the beauty of mixing metal colors. Voila'...exactly my campaign for Mother's Day! Mixing gold, silver, rose gold!

At the Bapu bazaar in Jaipur looking at things to buy, and pieces for inspiration. Its so funny to watch cows stroll thru the streets, and bazaars freely with the locals and tourists! Love India!


One of the 7 Wonders of the World~ and the ultimate experience of India! No real words to describe the vision, and the energy we felt and saw, as we approached the Taj! And you can see my Mother and I wearing our favorite Chan Luu scarves during the brisk morning weather.

Jama MasJid, translation: Friday Mosque. Largest mosque of all India. Breathtaking architecture, and you can feel the spirit of the Islamic people praying inside and outside the mosque. Mother had to put a robe on before entering, and luckily it was TURQUOISE! No coincidence there! :)


Jay Landa

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