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Time for an Upgrade: We Repair Jewelry!

If you didn't know, we repair and update jewelry! We're one of the few jewelry stores in Houston that offers this service on most all jewelry types – fine jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, costume jewelry, you name it!  

custom jewelry in houston

Do you have pieces in your jewelry box that have been sitting there tangled or broken for far too long? We can help! Bring in your outdated or broken pieces and we can work together to give them new life! Don't throw away your grandmother's broken necklace! We love mixing new jewelry pieces with old, vintage pieces – that's what creating a personal jewelry story is all about! 

Many Houston jewelry stores even recommend and send their customers our way because they don't touch sterling silver or costume, but we don't want your favorite earrings to get thrown out no matter how much they cost when you first purchased them!

Missing a stone in some of your favorite turquoise jewelry pieces? We can replace that! Has your grandmother's size 5 ring been sitting in your jewelry box unworn? We can size that! Do you love your mother's wedding band but wish it was a little more modern? We can update that! No job is too big or too small – and we mean that! 

jewelry repair in Houston
The photos on the left are of a customer's engagement ring that was mangled in the disposal. The ring had sentimental value, so rather than creating a new ring, we were able to salvage/re-work the old band and replace the diamond and sapphires. The photo on the right was the end result.

We're also available to work with you to create custom jewelry. Do you have a specific pearl necklace in mind? Let's work together to create a fine jewelry piece you'll want to keep forever.

We can repair: sterling silver, solid gold, fashion & costume pieces, knotting, beading, wiring, and more! Jewelry is a keepsake, and we're here to help keep those pieces looking modern and fresh! Give us a call at 713-807-1644 or stop by our Houston jewelry store in Rice Village (2412 Rice Blvd.). 

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