222 results
Pink Crystal Snake Earrings
Purple Carved Resin Earring
Single Bronze Pearl Choker
Gray Pearl Choker
Mint Carved Resin Crystal Earrings
Abalone Feather Earrings
Lime Carved Resin Crystal Earrings
Cream Carved Resin Crystal Earrings
Dark Green Carved Resin Crystal Earring
Crystal Feather Earrings
Silver Thick Tube Hoop Earrings
Gold Rectangle Link Earrings
Twisted Gold Hoop Earrings
Pyrite Skull Fringe Necklace
Pyrite Skull Fringe Earring
Gray Pearl Choker
evil eye stackable bracelet
gray pearl choker
White Pearl Pyrite Choker
Chan Luu Turquoise Labradorite Necklace
Chan Luu Pyrite Sunstone Necklace
Diamond Swirl Ring
Diamond Swirl Ring
From $ 345.00
Gold Cuff Bracelet
Chan Luu Labradorite Drop Earrings
Chan Luu Turquoise Drop Earrings
Silver Pyrite Italian Horn Necklace
Star & Pearl Charm Paper Clip Necklace
Red & Black Bead Rosary
White Pearl Lariat
Bronze Baroque Pearl Lariat
Fall Luxe: 14K Gold Evil Eye Pyrite Necklace
Tibetan Labradorite Ring
Double Turquoise Stone Ring
Dainty Gold Hamsa Bracelet
Gold Asymmetrical Star Necklace
Gold Snake Charm Necklace
Gold Cross & Opalite Charm Necklace
Gold Paper Clip Necklace
Chan Luu + J. Landa Exclusive Charm Earrings
J. Landa Jewelry + Chan Luu Exclusive Charm Bracelet
Chan Luu + J. Landa Exclusive Charm Necklace
14K Gold Diamond Evil Eye Huggie Hoops
Sold Out
14K Gold Pearl Spike Huggie Hoops
14K Gold Tiny Diamond Cross Studs
14K Gold Baguette Diamond Ring
14K Gold Diamond Hamsa Signet Pinky Ring
14K Gold Diamond Cross Ring
14K Gold Baguette Diamond X Ring
222 results

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