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Gray Pearl Choker
White Pearl Choker
evil eye stackable bracelet
gray pearl choker
white pearl choker with pyrite
Diamond Swirl Ring
Diamond Swirl Ring
From $ 345.00
14K Gold Evil Eye Silver Pyrite Necklace
Black Spinel Mixed Metal Murphy Chain
Silver Crystal Mixed Metal Murphy Chain
Fall Luxe: 14K Gold Evil Eye Black Spinel Necklace
Fall Luxe: 14K Gold Evil Eye Pyrite Necklace
Diamond Spike Huggie Earrings
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Diamond Drop Earrings
Classic Pave Diamond Huggie Earring
Diamond Bubble Stacking Band
diamond stacking band
turquoise diamond earrings
large slabs of labradorite earrings
chrysoprase diamond earrings
black onyx and diamond earrings
pyrite diamond earrings
labradorite diamond earrings
chrysoprase diamond earrings
lapis earrings with diamonds
black onyx diamond earrings
pyrite diamond earrings
lapis earrings with diamonds
black onyx slab earrings
Landa Slab Earrings: Chrysoprase
stacking gemstone rings
all diamond earrings
Landa Diamond Slab Earrings
Polki Diamond Chain Bracelet
Dotted Thin ID Diamond Bangle
Diamond Polki Dangle Earring
Thick Pave Diamond Huggie Earring
Hot Pink African Vinyl bracelet with Evil Eye Charm
Coral Stretchy Bracelet with Diamond Hamsa Charm
Lapis Necklace with 14K Rose Gold Diamond Charm
Coral Beaded Necklace with Evil Eye Charm
14K Rose Gold Coin Charm
14K Diamond Cross Charm
Mini Locks for charms
Mini Locks
From $ 125.00
Three Row Diamond Band Ring
Emerald Diamond Ring
Emerald Diamond Ring
From $ 245.00
Labradorite Diamond Ring
Labradorite Diamond Ring
From $ 155.00
Moonstone Baguette Diamond Ring
XL Polki Diamond Earring
97 results

Luxe Jewelry

This luxe jewelry collection is all about two things: oxidized sterling silver and champagne diamonds. We love the darker, edgier look that oxidation gives to sterling silver, and it looks great layered with gold. Don’t be afraid to mix your metals – in fact, we encourage it!

Our selection of champagne diamond rings includes stacking rings, bigger statement rings and beautiful semi-precious stone rings. Turquoise is a favorite stone at J. Landa Jewelry, so you can always expect to find a big diamond turquoise ring in the mix! Stack different styles together to create a unique, custom look. We love rocking a big statement ring on the middle or pointer finger ring – and we can custom size rings to the exact size that you need!

Again, it’s all about stacking when it comes to our diamond bangles. We have thin bangles and thick rose cut diamond bangles. We’re always adding new bangles to the collection and many of them are one of a kind; so if you see a piece that you love, don’t hesitate! We’ve had rose cut bangles that feature rubies, emeralds, turquoise, labradorite, pearls and sapphire!

Our selection of pendants and charms is unlike any other you’ll find on the web. It’s carefully curated and features our favorite symbols like evil eyes, skulls, hamsas, crescents, as well as some of our favorite stones like turquoise, bone, opal and more. Mix and match a few of your favorite charms with different chains and create a look that speaks to you. We love to mix metals and charms. Rose gold, yellow gold or dark silver are the best metals to mix. 


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