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Thin Gold Door Knocker Hoops
Thin Silver Door Knocker Hoops
mixed metal layering necklace
Turquoise + Lapis Metallica Chain Necklace
Chunky Turquoise Metallica Chain Necklace
Gold Rectangle Link Earrings
Twisted Gold Hoop Earrings

Metallica - Mixed Metal Jewelry

This is owner Jay Landa’s collection dedicated to one thing: mixing metals. It’s one of our favorite ways to accessorize, and we’re always pushing our clients out of their one-metal comfort zone. We believe in the ability to wear all different types of metals such as yellow gold, rose gold, silver and oxidized silver. This collection makes mixing metals easy and fun.

We love the look of mixing gold with darker oxidized sterling silver. It’s an edgier look that we believe looks good on everyone! Mixing in oxidized silver is a great way to modernize and update your look.

One of our #1 sellers is our long Metallica necklace, featuring discs of gold, rose gold and oxidized sterling silver. It can be thrown on with any outfit to add just the right amount of shine. Wrap the necklace around your neck twice for a shorter mixed metal necklace. We love a piece with versatility!

We always advocate for creating your own jewelry story – we don’t want you to wear what everyone else is wearing! Mixing pieces from our Metallica collection with pieces you already have is what it’s all about.