Back to School Styling with J. Landa & Frock Shop

Whether you’re heading to class or carpool, school’s back in session! Stand out from the flock & come get styled at Frock on Monday, August 16th! You’ll be in a class of your own with a J. Landa #neckmess & a Frock Shop silhouette! 

Styling with J. Landa & Frock Shop in Houston

Drop the kids off and come have a glass of champagne with us as we style you for the new school year! We'll be there from 10am to 5pm, with all of the #neckmess essentials like lock necklaces, charms, gemstones and more! Let's get personal and have some fun!

See you at Frock Shop: 9055 Gaylord Dr, Houston, TX 77024

J. Landa & Frock Shop Houston

Jay Landa

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