We Are Excited About 2015!

Hello 2015!
We are excited to start the New Year and even more so to plan the year with more fabulous events and collections.   However, it only right to say THANK YOU for an incredible 2014--- !
2015 begins in NYC for me. 

There I meet with the designers, like Chan Luu, Alexis Bittar, Zoe Chicco, Simon Sebbag, Uno de 50 and many others to see what they're planning and showing in the Spring.  The fun part is that they are all friends, and we catch-up on personal too.  In that moment we exchange ideas on creative and plan potential events in-store for 2015. 

Usually, I don't have a real plan for my own collection till I begin to filter the colors and the energy I see and read in the latest mags and postings.

I then create an inspirational board with my favorite pics and colors to begin the creative process.  

Another great moment in NYC is to meet-up with great artisans from all over the world such as Nepal, Tibet, Indian and Turkey... I sift thru their beautiful handcrafted jewelry and start to curate a nice collection to bring and share with  my clients.  I'm calling the J Landa Grand Bazzar!

To make the experience event better, I got to spend some valuable time with my Mother and sisters.. shopping, talking, and eating our way through NYC!  

Stay tuned to see latest pieces and J Landa Spring Collection!




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