Diva De Las Muertos With Lifestyle Blogger Ryan Castaneda

Through our blogging event I stumbled onto a fabulous artist and blogger who resides in San Francisco. Besides being a fashion and lifestyle blogger he is also a great painter.  I loved his work and passion for all things vintage... It was clear that he would be the person to help bring my "DIVA de Los Muertos"  sugar skull girl come to life!

 "I always have a goal to create something beautiful and intricate, I love art where you can discover something new and fabulous every time you look at it", Ryan says.  After a few skype conversations Ryan knew what my vision was for my upcoming RICHARD SCHMIDT TRUNK SHOW in October and how to capture the energy of Catrina (sugar skull girl) in a more contemporary setting! 

 "I've never illustrated sugar skull make-up so I looked towards old photographs and day of the dead costumes. Living life in vivid color was definitely my motto when creating this piece", say Ryan.  And vivid color, was indeed, the result of this fabulous Sugar Skull girl!  The DIVA in de Los Muertos came to life even more when Ryan added the fabulous squash blossom and sterling silver and turquoise earrings on her!  You can also see the Houston skyline in the art piece as well.. Look closely!

Now the invitation is complete and the collaboration was a success!  We also decided to print Ryan's beautiful masterpiece on T-shirts for our RICHARD SCHMIDT event, and giving proceeds of the T-shirt sales to Casa Esperanza.  

Thanks Ryan Castaneda for your artistic expression and capturing the beauty of my DIVA!

Click here to check out more of Ryan's Blog and our collaboration! 

Also Follow Ryan on Instagram: thelittle_king 






Jay Landa

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