Lost Pawses

"If it's not fun we're not doing it!" That is the Lost Pawses motto and we are sticking by it. Our mission is to be the donor of last resort for animal based charities in the Houston area. We are here to provide emergency funds to charitable organizations in times of need!

This year we held our annual charity event at Nouveau Art Bar in Midtown and we were pleased with the turn-out!

Being one of the board members, I was able to chair the silent auction this year! Proud to say this was one of the most successful auctions in Lost Pawses history. Donations this year ranged from a Canadian survival kit, week in South Florida, facials and botox, to one of a kind diamonds donated by my J. Landa Fine Collection. It was a great party and I was grateful to see my friends and colleagues supporting something so dear to my heart! 

Moe is the brand ambassador of my store, without him I don't think we would smile as much! Also to see everyone generously donating their time and money to support the animals of Houston makes me proud. I just wanted to thank all the other fab board members and everyone who generously participated!

Without them we wouldn't have had such a successful event! We look forward to next year! 



Jay Landa

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