Fall Has Landed at J.Landa

This fall there is alot of new and exciting things going on in-store! Our grand re-opening was one year ago this month, the launch of this new blog 'Raising Moe', the launch of our Nomad Collection, and  J Landa-Fine.

The Nomad Collection is as unique as Houston; a melting pot of colors, textures, and style. I was inspired by all wandering souls that find inspiration in all that is bright and beautiful! Each piece is one-of-a-kind and speaks to each person differently; with just one necklace or several to complete the loook.

This week we took this collection to a whole new level...modernizing it and creating our J. Landa story.

My girls and I spent the afternoon at my home in Southampton, near the store, shooting our new Fall campaign using the Nomad Collection and showing how our jewelry is not just jewels but a lifestyle too. Our saying in the store is, 'affordable luxury.' Adding our diamonds to our layering necklaces turn these pieces into a look that will get you stopped on the streets, while also being afforable.

The most important thing about the Fall 2014 collection is to show people that no color is out! Winter-white is in, and orange, labradorite, and hot pink are our new staples. This shoot was important to me because we needed a visual for our customers to see that not matter if you're a working mom, at the office, or getting ready for a night-out you can be comfortable and sexy at the same time. Everyone will fall in love with these new pieces no matter what your sytle! 

Don't take jewelry to seriously, it is all about fun. We want diamonds to be wearbable for everyone going any where at any time.  

Don't hide your diamonds in the closets waiting for speical occasions! Our mix of oxidized silver and champagne colors make them perfect for a white tee and jeans!  

I also want to thank Azuz Boutique for lending us their fabulous fall clothing line. It helped complete our vision for the shoot! Mely Cruz for our fabulous makeup and hair, Phoebe Rourke our amazing photographer, and Paola our beautiful model! 

Luxury as a lifesytle is a staple here in the store and nothing proves that more than this fab photo shoot!  My team and I wanted to show you our, 'behind the scenes,' look. Hope you enjoy..more to come soon!!





Jay Landa

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