3 Dainty Necklace Styles To Wear Everyday

We love dainty jewelry with a point of view! Our fine jewelry collection is curated with pieces just for the J. Landa client featuring some of our favorite shapes, symbols and stones. If you're looking to start building a dainty gold necklace story, we're here to help!

Here are the three dainty necklace styles we think make a great layered necklace look. 

1. Simple & Classic - A Line or Bar Necklace

You can never go wrong starting your dainty necklace collection with a simple, chic line, bar or curved bar. We always have a rotating selection of this type of necklace because it never goes out of style! It's a great starting point for a #neckmess because you'll have a hard time finding a necklace that doesn't layer great with this style. We love this gold bar half covered in diamonds - classic and modern. 

dainty gold bar necklace

2. Add Some Texture - A Charm Necklace

We always suggest adding a necklace with multiple charms or dangles on the chain. It adds some visual interest and texture to your necklace layers. Pick a necklace with charms that aren't too big, so that it doesn't take away from your other necklaces, like this 6 diamond charm necklace.

diamond dainty charm necklace

3. Make It Personal - A Necklace with Your Favorite Symbol

A jewelry story isn't interesting unless it's personal. Add a necklace with your favorite spiritual symbol or shape or, perhaps even a family heirloom. We think your jewelry should tell a story and this is the best way to do that! At J. Landa, we love the evil eye, hamsa, snake and skull, to name a few - and we all have our reasons and connections to those symbols. Find a piece that speaks to you! 

diamond evil eye necklace

gold dainty necklaces

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