Keep it local - Keep it in Texas.

Turquoise jewelry is a staple at J Landa all year round!

We LOVE American Indian jewelry.  The story behind every piece is especially fascinating to us. Our American Indian collection is a well-edited and curated group that we take pride in buying directly from the various Native American artists through-out the Southwest.

Whether you wear it with a tee or formally, turquoise jewelry is a classic look.  
Every designer in the store: Alexis Bittar, Chan Luu, Dogeared, Dian Malouf, and Uno de 50 use turquoise in their collections.  Even in our high-end J Landa  Fine Jewelry collection with champagne diamonds you'll see turquoise represented.

Keep it Local. Keep-it in Texas is our next campaign featuring Texas-based jewelry designer Richard Schmidt.  We fell totally in love with Richard Schmidt's handcrafted collection that is inspired by the beauty of Texas.  His pieces are  traditional in it's design and can be worn also in a current setting. 



Jay Landa

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