Landa Family Vacation in Peru

It was my love of South America that led me to Peru for my vacation this year. I have been to many countries over the years and traveling is one of my most beloved pastimes. It is that love and passion for traveling that took me to Peru. I was accompanied by 11 members of my family, and together we explored the indigenous history of Peru, it's culture, cuisine and hand-crafted artwork and jewelry. It is one thing to travel alone, but sharing moments and places with loved ones made it even more special. 

We flew from Houston, Texas to Lima, Peru in just six and a half hours. It was an easy flight, and with the fortune to stay in the same time zone, there was no jet lag to get over during the trip. Upon arrival in Lima, our group was greeted by a private tour guide that would be our conduit to the culture of Peru. We were fortunate to have a guide, who himself Incan and greatly passionate about his people and culture. It was important for him to tell his story, and how these century-old customs are preserved today. 

Lima is a bustling city, full with people on the go and streets bursting with cars, trucks, and motorcycles. It is also a very international city with people from all over South America coming together to form a Peruvian melting pot of cultures. Our hotel was the gorgeous Milaflores, which overlooked the Pacific Ocean. Every morning I was blessed with beautiful ocean views before setting off on a day of adventure. Each night I was treated to sunsets out over the Pacific as the sun made its daily circulation of the Earth. How beautiful it all was. 

Peru's landscape, it's indigenous cultures, is unique. Rugged mountains, coastal deserts and tropical rainforests all make up Peru's geography. There is no question that throughout our journey, we were all anticipating Machu Picchu. The 15th century Inca citadel sits on top of the mountain of the same name. Though the hike up the mountain was difficult and took a couple of hours, it was worth it when we saw the magnificence of the ruins. It was spiritual, and I couldn't help but think of the events that took place on the sites all  those centuries ago. It was like the ghost of the ancient tribes were still there, and I could feel their presence. The train from Cusco to Machu was extraordinary in its own right and was the highlight of our trip. To see the landscape in a first class train setting was amazing. The beauty of the people and the landscape going by was incredible. With Peru being well above sea level, the most difficult part of my trip was getting used to the elevation. I found that the prescription pills I had brought, along with the consumption of cocoa leaves to be helpful, and aided me in acclimating to the country. 

Compared to other countries I have traveled to, I found the clothes, jewelry and dyes made from the local crops to be some of the most amazing I have come across. These are the items that inspire me, and it is this inspiration that I want to bring back to my clients. In fact, it was the markets and bazaars of Peru that have inspired my newest event that will debut in the fall. In all, the Peruvian people are warm and hospitable. Their welcoming of us made my journey even better. Peru is a wonderful country full of memorable landscapes and unforgettable people. It is a place I will return to someday and experience more of the same pleasures. 


Jay Landa

What a wonderful travelogue; makes me want to hop on a plane. Can’t wait to see how the experience manifests in your new creations!!

Jay Landa

Sounds like such a special trip!! We are going next spring, can’t wait to hear more about it!

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