One Tequila, Two Tequila Sisters: A Custom Denim Pop-Up

Everyone loves something custom, right? Something so uniquely you that it just wouldn't make sense belonging to anyone else? Well, we're strong believers that your style should tell your story, and Debbie Rank and Eryn Elliott, owners of Two Tequila Sisters custom denim clothing, also think style is all about personalization and customization. 

We first heard about the Tequila Sisters from a longtime client when she wore her custom jacket into the store. The jacket was fierce – it was colorful, eclectic, over-the-top, but most importantly, it was her. Within the hour, we had begun the conversation with Debbie and Eryn. It seemed like the perfect pop-up opportunity – unique jewelry stories meet one-of-a-kind, personalized jackets.

Put it on your calendars, ladies – a Two Tequila Sisters pop-up at the store on July 25 + 26. You can be sure to expect a good time because each jacket is "made with love and a buzz." 

So here's how designing your jacket works:

At the store on July 25 or 26, you'll have the opportunity to start chatting with the ladies about your ideas. With their help, you'll sketch out your preliminary design. They will bring a selection of patches and fabric swatches for you to get started on the design of your piece. 

You can bring your own denim jacket, vest, skirt, shorts, you name it. If you don't have a jacket you're ready to embroider, don't worry. They have a selection to shop from, featuring products from Gap and Old Navy – two brands that they've found have a classic, easy fit for pretty much everyone. 

The studio has a huge selection of fabrics (a large selection from Guatemala), patches, ribbons and other embellishments. The ladies will pull things based on your initial design consultation to help get you started. We suggest finding that one piece that really speaks to you and go from there. And that one piece could even be something you bring from home – perhaps your father's old ties, grandpa's button downs or your mom's favorite tea towel. We love the idea of adding a level of nostalgia. 

Once you have the blueprint of the jacket laid out, your work is done. Sit back and sip some tequila. Within a few days or so (depending on their order amount) Debbie or Eryn will cut and pin the design so you can have a better idea of how it will look. Once you've approved, it's off to the seamstress! Again, sit back and sip some more tequila! 

The whole process is really a great time. Debbie and Eryn make it fun (and the tequila helps, too). The first time you wear your custom jacket out, you'll have a strange sense of pride – it's a piece of art that you created and people will notice! 

Another detail to notice – the tiny "Worry Doll" tucked away in the breast pocket of your jacket. Worry dolls, according to Guatemalan legend, are given to sorrowful children so they can tell the doll all of their fears and worries. They place it under their pillow, and in the morning, the doll has taken their worries away. Knowing you have your own worry doll right up against your heart is a sweet sentiment. Bad vibes be gone! It's all about no worries in your Two Tequila Sisters jacket. 

Custom jackets range in price from $325-$350. 

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