Our Fall Favorites: Jewelry We're Loving for the Season

Cooler weather brings a whole new vibe to our jewelry style. Here's what Jay and his team are wearing (and loving) this season!


Jay's #neckmess always has to have a statement piece - and this season he's loving his 14K gold jumbo paper clip chain. It's the first layer of his look and makes a dramatic impact, plus the golden hue adds some warmth during these chillier months. 

Jumbo Paper Clip Chain

Also, all eyes are on his new pinky ring, coming soon to the store! Set in 14K gold with a dark champagne diamond frame, this glass painted evil eye ring is moody – maybe even a little spooky – and ready to ward off all that negative energy.

Evil Eye Pinky Ring


Hi, Becca here! I always warn customers that charms can be dangerous (in a good way!). Once you start collecting them, you can't stop! I love to add a new charm to my #neckmess when a new season rolls around. This Fall, I added the Radiant Evil Eye charm (in emerald, restocking soon!) to my cluster. The end of the year required another layer of good vibes. 

#Neckmess Charms & Gemstone Necklaces

I'm also always adding a different strand of stones to my #neckmess, depending on my mood or outfit of the day. It's the easiest way to switch up your layers. I'm loving our Ombre Emerald Bali Necklace – we're sold out right now, but more are on the way (in new colorways, too!). 


Kendall is loving long layers for Fall. Scarves and chunky sweaters can cover up the #neckmess, so she's introducing long lock necklaces to her look. We now have new longer lengths in our Eva and Lexi Lock necklaces, perfect for these cozier months. 

Long Lock Necklaces

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