Paper Clip Chains 101: Our Favorite Gold Chain

Every #neckmess needs some gold chains, and we love the modern, architectural touch of the paper clip chain. Layering necklaces is all about adding different textures and lengths, and we have a variety of paper clip chains to choose from. 

We have two styles of our gold-plated sterling silver paper clip chain - a classic and thick (pictured below). They each come in two lengths - 16" and 18". Our gold chains are all about adjustability. You can hook the clasp on any link and customize the length to fit your #neckmess exactly. If you're wanting a versatile length, go for the 18". If you want a shorter, choker look, go with the 16". 

layering gold chains

Of course we have paper clip chains in 14K gold, too! A thin paper clip chain is a great investment piece. You can wear it in the shower, to the gym, etc. And they are small enough to slide on your favorite charms. A thick gold chain is a great look - you can dress it up or dress it down! We love a thick gold chain by itself - so chic and sexy! Our gold-plated options are great, but if you love this look (like we do!), you should consider investing in the real deal to last a life time! 

14k gold paper clip chains

We can't talk about layering necklaces without talking about mixing metals - it's our thing! We have paper clip chains in a dark gunmetal finish. It's edgy and chic. Mix with your gold chains for a classic J. Landa look. Available in 15" and 18".

mixed metal paper clip chains

Complete the look with a paper clip chain bracelet! We love the shine and texture it adds to a #wriststack, especially when mixed with beads, like this Chan Luu mixed metal wrap

gold chain bracelets


J. Landa

Hi- does the paper clip bracelet with diamonds come in a necklace version?
Thank you!

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