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The Travel Checklist

When planning for a getaway, it's all about packing smart. As for your jewelry, you can pack a few key pieces that will add texture and sparkle to any outfit without weighing you or your luggage down. Vacation is all about being carefree ... while still dragging it out! Here is our short but sweet travel checklist. You don't need to pack the entire jewelry box to make a statement. We're helping you keep it easy.

1: Murphy Chains + Metallica Necklaces

Our gemstone Murphy Chain necklaces have and always will be our go-to accessory for traveling. If you're a J. Landa girl, you likely have a few to choose from, and you know they are the easiest way to accessorize. Wear them long or wrap them twice for a shorter, doubled necklace - two different looks in one necklace. In Jay's words "they're your lipstick" to your wardrobe – add a punch of color! That's packing smart! 

In addition to your Murphy Chain, we think packing one of our Metallica chains is essential. No matter the color of your bikini or cocktail dress, a mixed metal necklace is the way to go. The Metallica necklace is our best seller and helps many transition to wearing different metals. It's that easy. 

gemstone and metal layering necklaces

2: Traveling Saint Charms

Traveling with a #NeverTakeOff 14K gold necklace is a no-brainer. Put it on before you leave for the airport and never take it off. For a little protection while you travel, take with you one of our Saint Charm necklaces – taking a classic look and making it cool and modern was our goal. We have two to choose from:

14K gold saint anthony charm necklaceSaint Anthony Charm Necklace layered with our classic Metallica necklace

3: Easy-to-Wear Studs

Our studs are small but pack a big personality. They take up hardly any room in the suitcase, but they can still add a point of view to your outfit. Pack a gold pair and a silver pair and you're good to go. Great way to mix it up and make it really fun. 

dainty unique stud earrings

4. Hoops

Last but certainly not least, you can't travel without a pair of hoops. Silver or gold, diamonds or pearls, you can't go wrong. Transitions from daytime to evening seamlessly. We have the best variety, and depending on the mood or occasion, you can go as big or small as you want. (We say go BIG!)

diamond hoop earrings

14K gold diamond hoop

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