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Long or short, precious metals or semiprecious stones, chokers or chains, we love the power and drama the perfect necklace adds to a look. Can't choose just one? A layered necklace can turn the wow factor up to 10!

Every woman needs a 14K gold #NeverTakeOff necklace. 14K gold will never tarnish, so you can wear it to the beach, to yoga or to the pool – you will never take it off! Once you have your everyday necklace, it’s time to start layering with a layered necklace! 

We love mixing gold with oxidized sterling silver for a chic mixed metal layered necklace look. Our champagne dainty diamond necklaces come in a variety of fun shapes and symbols, including evil eyes, crosses, hearts, discs, bars and more. Layer all of your dainty necklaces together for a chic, messy look. It’s all about creating your own story. 

We also love a strong, chunky necklace. If you want to make a statement with an original J. Landa design, the She-Vah necklace is for you! This necklace design is meant to embody the limitless strength of the female force – it’s a powerful necklace meant to be worn by powerful women! They feature hand-knotted beads, colorful leather and vintage Afghan coins, and each necklace is unique and one of a kind. Wrap it around your neck and wear it proudly – it’s your armor!

We also have a collection of authentic Native American (or American Indian) turquoise necklaces. You’ll find beautiful, handcrafted turquoise necklaces from designers Federico and Chimney Butte as well as authentic Navajo and Santa Domingo turquoise jewelry designs. A Native American squash blossom necklace is an investment piece every woman should add to her wardrobe. Dress them with a modern outfit for a chic look – they are true jewelry works of art!


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