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Creating Magic with De Petra – Launching October 25th

Photos by Becca Wright

Collaboration ignites creativity, and we're ready to create magic with local jewelry designers De Petra, two sisters originally from Mexico City making jewelry, or rather works of art, exclusively by hand. We've finally teamed up – some might say it was a long time coming – to collaborate on an exclusive De Petra + J. Landa collection, which will launch at our fabulous Dia de los Muertos party on Wednesday, October 25. Our Mexican cultures align, and now so will our creative minds. 

The two chic De Petra sisters – Cynthia and Lorena – grew up in Mexico City and were surrounded by artists and intellectuals who helped to inspire their creative vision. Their mother was a woman who fashioned her own eclectic style, and that sense of individuality has stuck with them. It started with an Egyptian silver and brass bracelet their mother was gifted from an archaeologist – it was like nothing Cynthia and Lorena had ever seen before. That piece of jewelry, whether they knew it at the time, instilled a spirit of originality within them. "We always want to wear a different piece that no one else has, because that was always very interesting to us growing up," Lorena explained. 

The De Petra Studio in Montrose
The De Petra Studio in Montrose

De Petra kicked off in 2008 when the two sisters began making jewelry in their one-bedroom Montrose duplex. They wanted a name that embodied strong femininity. Petra, a famous archaeological site in Jordan, came to mind. This city, a fortress of stone, would represent the sisters' strong jewelry that empowered women.  "We wanted people to feel the magic of it. It’s about how you feel when you wear it. It is magical," Cynthia explained. 

In history, jewelry has been worn for good luck and protection. And both De Petra and J. Landa continue to carry on this tradition. Our jewelry is like armor – women wear our brands to feel good and to feel strong. Everyone wears it differently, and that's what it's all about. 

So what do you have to look forward to when our two brands collide on October 25? Think magic

Every item is handmade by the De Petra sisters and will feature a bit of J. Landa luxe, available exclusively at J. Landa. Think colorful, leather De Petra necklaces, cuffs and earrings with our rich diamonds, skulls, Buddha charms, etc. There will also be a selection of amulet bags, small pouches worn around the neck that were used to hold precious mementos and are said to have magical powers to protect its holder. It's all about creating magic and making you feel fabulous. 

We can't wait to see you on October 25 for our Dia de los Muertos party, happening from 10 am to 7 pm. This event will celebrate all you strong women, these unique wearable works of art, the Mexican culture and our past and present loved ones. Don't miss it.  


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