Take Me Out to the Ball Game in J. Landa Jewelry

Our Houston Astros made it to the World Series. Our city couldn't be more proud, and the timing couldn't be more perfect. Houston really needed a win. Thank you, Astros! 

Whether you are watching at your house, at the pub or, if you're really lucky, at the game, what are you wearing? We say drag it out with J. Landa jewelry and the perfect cut-up 'Stros tee. 

We searched the internet for the best ways to cut up an old tee, and below are the steps for our favorite look: off the shoulder and tied at the side. It's the perfect slouchy-chic look for game day. 

1) Fold your favorite Astro’s shirt in half vertically, so the sleeves match up.

2) Mark the middle of the collar with chalk. (below) 

3) Measure from the base of the neck (where you just made the mark) to just below the shoulder. Remember that number. (below)

4) Lay your shirt flat. Divide the number you just measured by half. (For us, we measured 32cm/2 = 16cm).  Take one end of the measuring tape and line it up with the chalk mark in the middle of the collar and measure 16cm to the shoulder. Make a chalk mark at the shoulder. (below)

5) Make a small snip at the shoulder mark and begin cutting in a circular path until you reach the chalk mark at the center of the collar. Be sure you are only cutting the top layer of the shirt. (below)

6) Cut straight along the shoulder seam, so you are left with a flap, which will now be a stencil for the other side of the shirt. (below)

7) Fold over the flap to other side of the collar, and cut the other side of the shirt in the same circular path. (below)

8) Cut the back of the neck straight across – NOT in a curve

9) Then cut off the bottom hem (however much you'd like), so the top and bottom hems of the shirt match. 

10) Cut roughly 6 in. up one of the sides of the shirt and and tie together.

Now it's time to drag it out with your favorite navy and orange J. Landa Jewelry – and a touch of diamonds, of course. We layered Murphy chains, swiped on a bright red/orange lip and anchored the look with a J. Fine diamond arrowhead pendant. It's game time! 

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