How to Update Your #Neckmess in 2021

Congratulations! You survived 2020! We're heading into 2021 with powerful intentions and positive vibes – and good jewelry! Let your #neckmess manifest your mood. Armor yourself in pieces that empower and inspire you in the new year. 

colorful necklace layers

Give your #neckmess new life in the new year with colorful necklace layers! Our favorite way to update a #neckmess is adding texture and color from semi-precious and precious stones – we truly believe in stones' healing powers & energy! It's the easiest way to change the vibe of your #neckmess without having to switch up your entire look. 

malachite necklace layers

Keep on your favorite charms and 14K gold necklaces, and depending on the season or your mood of the day, add some stones! Feeling spicy? Add some red, hot coral! Feeling edgy? How about some black onyx. Need some extra luck? We're loving a green malachite and/or emerald necklace. 

evil eye charms

Another great way to update your necklace layers is by adding to your charm cluster. It could be a new evil eye pendant for protection, a family heirloom piece deep in your jewelry box, or a forgotten charm picked up during past travels to Marrakech. Charms act as great little reminders for those precious moments in life. 

So heading into 2021, our collections are inspired by bright gemstones, spiritual tokens and mixed metals (always & forever!). We're here to help you create a meaningful #neckmess to convey your mantra for the new year!

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