The Curated Ear: Step Up Your Earring Game

As you know, we're all about the #neckmess lately – we love expressing our mood of the day with personal charms and colorful gemstone strands. There's so much décolleté real estate to decorate, the options are endless! But of course, jewelry is more than the necklace, and this blog we're switching gears and talking about ears. Another way of jewelry story telling? The #curatedear. 

We love a good earring, of course. A fabulous chandelier earring can be the cherry on top of a glamorous evening look. But we're not talking about statement earrings today – we're looking at our unique dainty earrings and simple hoops and how to pair them together for a personalized, curated earring story. Warning: the following photos may result in a desire for more piercings! 

First things first, let's talk about the huggie hoop. This classic mini hoop is perfect for everyday wear. It's the earring equivalent to the Lexi Lock necklace. Wear alone for a chic, simple look, or hang on your favorite charms for a more unique earring. We like to keep a pair of huggie hoops on at all times, so our ears are always dressed!

Huggie earrings

If you have a white gold pair of huggies that's been sitting in your jewelry box, try pairing it with a unique yellow gold stud or ear charm to modernize the look. Our 14K gold huggie earrings are available yellow, rose and white gold and are also available in a mini size, perfect for second piercings. We're also currently loving our chubby gold huggies - that extra thickness adds extra shine!

We love pairing a huggie with a dainty gold stud or two (depending on the number of piercings you have). Our unique studs are like the charm on your lock necklace - they are great story tellers. Wear a protective evil eye stud to bring in good energy or an edgy skull stud as a reminder that we're all made up of the same bones. We have styles in gold and oxidized sterling silver. 

Skull Stud Earrings

We have always and will always be a hoop store - we love them! They add instant drama to any casual look. Thick or thin, we love them all. If you're wanting a touch more sass that day, switch out your huggies (or move them up to another piercing) for a bold pair of hoops. We also love a double hoop look for some extra spice. Put on a hoop, and you're telling the world you're feeling fierce & empowered! 

Gold Hoop Earrings

And lastly, just like the #neckmess, we love mixing the fine with the fun. We have a great selection of fun and flirty earrings under $75. Snakes, hamsas, stars, hearts – which speaks to you? Have double or triple piercings? Try our new chain earrings - a big look for a #badB without the price tag. 

Unique earrings for multiple piercings

If you only have one piercing, try layering ear charms on a small hoop or mix and match your studs. The ears may be small, but there's plenty of room to get creative. Happy curating!

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